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USD 18.60
  • SRD: SRD 29,020.65
  • SOLD AS A PAIR - This product is sold as a pair (2 knee wraps) and the package will include the wraps for your left and right leg.
  • FULL 3 INCH HOOK & LOOP - These knee wraps have a large 12 square inch section of hook & loop. Rated at 15lbs per square inch, these knee wraps can handle a tension of 180 pounds of force before the hook & loop will fail. While the tension on these wraps is typically no where near that, you can feel secure that these wraps will not come undone during a lift.
  • MEDIUM - Medium stretch/soft cotton designed to support 135 - 315 pounds (barbell weight) total.


USD 17.46
  • SRD: SRD 27,241.97
  • ✅ Tone Your Abs and Body: 3-IN-1 ultra-wide ab roller wheel is designed to help you build stronger, bigger abdominal muscles. Ab wheel comes with 2 bonuses - top quality jump rope (value: $12) and a knee mat (value:$10). Improve your overall health and exercise at home, gym or office. Add to cart NOW to enjoy this 3-IN-1 set with Amazon Prime.
  • ✅ Premium Quality: Train with the awesome fitness equipment you deserve. The abdominal wheel is made out of durable non-slip rubber and strong stainless steel that ensures stability and comfort for your workouts. The skipping rope is constructed with lightweight ergonomic handles for extra comfort and a strong grip. The jumping rope can be adjusted to the desired height and can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • ✅ Full Body Workout: Take your body to the next level. Strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and legs with this premium quality home gym equipment. Jump rope workout can maximize your cardio endurance, stamina, and speed that makes a great fitness workout.

Adjustable Compression Knee Brace

USD 9.92
  • SRD: SRD 391.84
  • Customizable Open-Patella Design - Popular orthopedic brace relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise; fully adjustable straps can be attached to almost any exterior point helping to prevent slippage and accommodate a broad range of users.
  • Reinforced Stabilizer Ring - Ensures the knee cap remains in proper position during flexion and extension, helping to evenly distribute stress across the ACL, PCL, LCL & MCL ligaments; Increased stability leads to improved leg alignment for optimal loading and recovery.
  • Effective Relief & Support - Eases chronic and acute knee pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation or use in sports such as walking, hiking, golf, cycling and many more.
  • Breathable & Skin-Friendly - Premium-grade neoprene increases circulation resulting in faster healing time: tiny perforations in the fabric help reduce unwanted moisture, itchiness and odors.
  • Universal Fit - Single support, wearable on either the left or right knee. 

Animal Gym Bag, Black, One Size

USD 32.99
  • SRD: SRD 1,303.11
Black Gym Bag with embroidered Black "Pak" Iconic in white
  • Large main compartment
  • Zippered sided pockets on outside

Boxing Gloves

USD 43.42
  • SRD: SRD 67,746.06
  • Just What You Need: These gloves were created to give you professional gear at entry level affordability. Our gloves keep your hands snug and protected inside.
  •  Built for Hard Use: Engineered leather construction to take you through hundreds of rounds. This glove will age well and be in your gym bag for years to come
  • Feel the Impact, Not the Pain: Our gloves are gel infused to take the hardest hits for you. Get every ounce of power from your punches, without paying for it tomorrow
  • Protect Your Wrists: A powerful hook and loop closure system means you won't have to pull your punches because you’re worried about your wrists. Once you tighten these straps, you’re set for the whole session
  • The Perfect Fit: Don’t spend months breaking your gloves in! Special longitudinal arch design will make you feel like you’ve been wearing these all along. 

Boxing Hand Wraps – 2.5m

USD 5.95
  • SRD: SRD 9,283.69
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Available in Red, Blue and Black
  • Available in various Lengths
  • Velcro closure for a Custom Fit
The Boxing Hand Wraps are available in the colors Red, Blue and Black which are sold in pairs of two. All Boxing Hand Wraps are available 2.5m . We recommend to always use Boxing Hand wraps to extra secure your wrist and hand. Avoid the risk of injury and make your punches even more powerful. The Boxing Hand Wraps are made out of Elastic Cotton which provides you comfort and strength.

Century B.O.B Body Opponent Bag

USD 493.79
  • SRD: SRD 19,504.71
  • LIFESIZE TARGET - Mannequin is 30” tall and approx. 20” wide (width and diameter vary at head, neck, chest, waist)
  • STURDY BASE - Base has a diameter of 24” and is 19.5” tall (not counting internal stem) Can be filled with Water or Sand
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - 7 Options for height adjusts from 60” total to 78” total
  • REAL FEEL - BOB’s “skin” is made of vinyl, with an internal hard plastic cylinder for structural support
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TRAINING - BOB is ideal for training in just about all standing martial arts! Any martial art that would use a regular punching bag, heavy bag, or heavy hanging bag, will work with BOB as well.

Contraband Black Label 1001 Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps w/Thumb Loops

USD 13.40
  • SRD: SRD 20,907.35
? PROFESSIONAL ELASTIC WRIST WRAP – Available in 18in, 24in, and 36in, these wrist wraps are designed and approved for

Contraband Black Label 1055 Classic Knee Wraps (Pair)

USD 25.55
  • SRD: SRD 1,009.23
  • 2️⃣ SOLD AS A PAIR - This product is sold as a pair (2 knee wraps) and the package will include the wraps for your left and right leg. 4️⃣ Different Tension strengths & 3️⃣ Different lengths available.
  • ? HEAVY. Heavy is for more advanced weight lifters
  • ? 3 LENGTHS AVAILABLE - 2M, 2.5M, and 3M lengths are available. We recommend that most customers start with 2M, those with larger legs or more advanced lifters try the 2.5M. 3M is best used for competitive lifters or 1 rep Max sets.

Contraband Black Label 3030 2in Heavy Duty Nylon Ankle or Wrist Cuff

USD 9.17
  • SRD: SRD 362.22
  • 1️⃣ SINGLE OR 2️⃣ DOUBLE CUFFS - Sold as a single ankle or wrist cuff, you can purchase 2 for a pair. We suggest purchasing a pair which makes it easier to switch from one leg or wrist to another when connected to a cable machine.
  • ? VERSATILE ANKLE & WRIST BAND - The perfect cable machine attachment for men or women, this padded ankle strap attaches firmly and holds tight for cable glute kickbacks , leg extensions, leg curls and other leg and booty exercises.
  • ? SLIMLINE 2IN NYLON WRIST ANKLE STRAP - This smaller strap will adjust to fit smaller ankles and wrists than larger models. Neoprene padding helps distribute the weight and heavy duty hook & loop keeps the strap closed even under heavy weight.
  • ? HEAVY DUTY NYLON STRAP W/ HOOK & LOOP - This 2in heavy duty nylon strap can handle hundreds of pounds. A large 12sq inch piece of hook and loop rated at 15lbs per square inch, this strap should handle an incredible 180lbs of force!!!

Contraband Black Label 4010 4 Inch Nylon Weight Lifting Belt

USD 18.11
  • SRD: SRD 28,256.33
  • BACK AND AB SUPPORT - Our velcro weight belt provides stability and support for your core while weightlifting, power training, bodybuilding, strongman training, cross training and during other fitness exercises.
  • 4 INCH HEAVY DUTY NYLON - Our ultra durable, thick nylon mesh is unpadded to provide a weight lifting belt with maximum stability and support. Great for squats, lunges, deadlifts, bench presses and Olympic lifting.
  • NYLON: THE PERFECT BALANCE - More flexible than leather, more rigid than cotton, our lifting belt is the perfect combination. A nylon lifting belt strong enough for your hardest lifting and comfortable enough to be worn during your entire workout.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Hook and loop allows for an easy transition between tight and loose as needed for your sets. Hook can handle 15 lbs per square inch and is rated for 100,000 opens and closes.

Contraband Black Label 5050 Weight Lifting Gloves

USD 9.43
  • SRD: SRD 14,713.36
  • ? MOISTURE WICKING VENTED NYLON MESH - Nylon fourway mesh top is breathable and prevents heat buildup in the gloves which allows prolonged use even during the hardest workouts. Available in Black, White, Gray, and Red colors.
  • ?️ LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE - These gloves feature a synthetic interior with light-medium neoprene padding. This is ideal for gym workouts like pullups, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise, rowing, etc. Also perfect for wheelchair use.
  • ? REAL SPLIT LEATHER PALM - Split leather has long been known for its durability, this has been the choice for weight lifting gloves for many years. We cover the entire palm of these lifting gloves with split leather to maximize durability.
  • ? BASIC CONSTRUCTION - These exercise gloves are nothing fancy, no special grips, no overly designed features, just a basic glove at an affordable price. Half finger design, nylon top, leather palm, the most classic weight lifting glove.