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EFX Sports Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore

USD 32.75
  • SRD: SRD 1,293.63
  • THERMOGENIC INTENSITY CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS, THEOBROMINE, THEOPHYLLINE These methylxanthines are well known for their ability to support mental and physical performance, concentration and combat fatigue.* They lower intracranial pressure and increase blood flow to the heart and in other peripheral tissues, which could be especially favorable during an intensive workout. 
  • GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT This compound is regarded as an antioxidant that also provides health benefits such as weight loss and supporting healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range.* The active ingredient is a chemical called Chlorogenic Acid, which some believe helps reduce the size of fat cells in the body.* 
  • RAZBERI-K® This one particular constituent appears to have the potential to support your weight management efforts. *To give you the finest product possible, we only use one of the most respected sources of pure Raspberry Ketones available today – Razberi-K®. When you see this logo on our label, you know it’s the best!*